Not so first post

Have been toying around the idea of blogging my journey for over many months, now. As you will find out in the coming posts, I am the mother of procrastination. But the urge got the better of me and here I am starting this blog on Oct 6th, to document my journey through the whole ‘MBA process’ as I call it.

My background – 25 year old Indian female IT applicant, GMAT score 720 ( V38, Q50, IR 6.0 AWA 6.0 ). 3.5 years of experience as a techno-functional consultant in a German based market leader in ERP products. Keen on pursuing career in Product Management / Consulting world post my MBA.

As and when I get time off the tight deadlines I am struggling with, I will add posts about my GMAT preparation and other stuff. Will schedule them appropriately on the timeline.

Motivation for this blog? One, I want to vent out somewhere and can’t go on bothering my friends who are not even remotely into MBA talks. Also, and more importantly, I hope reading through my experiences would help someone who aspires to tread this path.

Will make my best effort to keep this updated regularly. Bear with me, because, applications (and procrastination, remember?).