First application. Hit the submit button just 2 hours before the deadline.

Straight forward, no-frills, no-strings-attached application. A 500-1000 word essay and academic detail, no recommendations no application fees.

Since this was the first essay that I sat down to write, and probably the longest one at that too, the exercise was quite exhausting to say the least. There was a lot of talk about, and a lot more to weed out. Gave my brain some good warm-up.

I did a pretty decent job with the resume too, submitted a one-pager. Though my resume looks quite different today after many revisions, I am satisfied with the activities that I mentioned in the one I submitted.

Or maybe NOT.

Only after submitting did I realize that I got the year wrong on one of my college club details.

Worked in a college club in the year 2014. Seriously?