Working on McCombs essays this weekend. With the amount of work I have at office these days it is getting increasingly difficult to not push essays for the weekend. That unfortunately but invariably happens. So trying not to fret about it much. I am anyway known to be the most productive at the 11th hour, so be it.

Some people who submitted for Olin around the time I did have already started getting interview invites. Few received admits directly, without any interview/discussion. My app status shows ‘under review’, which is making me a bit antsy.

I feel less panicked about my essays this time as compared to Tepper. Probably because after first experience I feel more confident now. Except about my recommendation. My manager has still not submitted his recommendation and is going on a vacation on Monday. That means I will probably have to submit my application without a clue about what aspects would he touch upon in his assessment. Trying hard not to freak out.

Oh by the way. I cannot stress on this enough. Talking to current students / alumni really helps. My essay went for a major overhaul after speaking with one of my acquaintances at McCombs. Sweet of him to have taken time off first thing after getting done with his exams. I feel drawn towards this sense of bonhomie among McCombians. Hope I get to experience it too!

Happy Sunday. I am going to make sure I give my overworked brain a bit of break today.


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