Said, Oxford

I can’t seem to fathom the reason for lack of vigor and enthusiasm these days. Specially with regards to the applications. I get easily distracted and disinterested every time I sit down to write my essays. It is silly to reach a level of saturation just after three applications!

I am definitely NOT being over confident here, about the interview invite from Tepper and McCombs. I’ve been having sleepless nights with endless questions that keep haunting me. Am I good enough? Will they see any worth in accepting me? Do my applications represent my potential? Is there something I am missing mentioning? Is my writing composition appropriate? Too bland? Too cliched? What if I blow up my interviews? How do I ace my interviews? Did I make a fool of myself in Tepper interview? What if I get rejected from everywhere? What if I end up with nothing?

My head keeps buzzing with the onslaught of such uncertainties and it clouds my thinking. Taking my mind off for some time definitely helps. Problem is getting the mind back to work!

Anyhow, I’m working on Oxford’s Said business school essays now. They are pretty exhaustive 🙂

I am particularly nervous about this one as Oxford is

  • one of
  • my dream destinations to study. What makes Said my dream B-school, I will soon write a separate post on it. For now my major worry is to ensure my essays highlight my personality and achievements as being a typical Indian IT female applicant, it is a real challenge to stand out from the other applicants. Not having an explicit leadership ‘title’ per se at office adds to my woes there.


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