So it’s 14th and……

…. and I’m in for the interview with Oxford’s  Said Business school !!


I am excited and nervous at the same time. This is my dream school. And the fact that I carry the expectations of my entire family on this one, makes me even more nervous.

Firstly because my brother lives in London and my parents have a 10yr visa for the UK. So if I get in SBS, it’ll be easier for all four from my entire family to get together after maybe years. So we all are pretty excited about this one.

The other reason is a bit more personal. Last year when I visited Oxford with my parents, I found out that my father and my grandfather both really wanted to study at Oxford. But their financial circumstances didn’t allow them to. Now that I am one step closer to Oxford and I know that if admitted, we will somehow manage to pull the finances together, there is nothing I want more at this very moment.

I’m trying not to think too much except that I need to prepare for my interview and make a strong case for why MBA after just three years of experience. From the GMATClub post it appears that I am the youngest one from all Indian short-lists!

But before everything else, I need to courier them my official transcripts. Lest I forget.


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