Mid-Jan updates

Target school : Tepper gave me a waitlist. I’ll take a call in the coming days on whether there’s any point pursuing.

Target school: ISB called for interview. I think I’ll still go ahead with this one. Not the best globally, this is the top choice for us Indians and I would’ve seriously fought for it had dream school not announced its results already. I’m planning to go for the interview round just to see how it pans out. (Hope it doesn’t cloud my decision on dream school though for all practical reasons!)

Safe school: McCombs is an admit with scholarship! Will need to write them to politely decline the offer though.

Safe school: Michigan Broad Admit with handsome scholarship and assistantship offer. I had personally interacted with the Dean of the school and many students. Also related a lot with its focus on Supply Chain. But then, the heart wants what it wants šŸ™‚

Last resort backup school: Olin admit with a scholarship which would’ve resulted in my course costing me even lesser than the Indian school. Straight no, though.

I am aware that I was very selective while applying, I played safe and didn’t aim higher. But honestly I had not expected to convert so many calls! And although I was pretty clear in the priority of choosing my schools once I converted them, I’m having second thoughts at each step. I wonder what happens to those who face the real dilemma of choosing among the best!


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