Winding up at work.

I have less than 50 days left in the city before I wind up for my hometown. Last week I let the management at my office know of my Oxford admit and my decision to put in my resignation. It was harder than I was expecting, but the response I received from most of my seniors was very endearing. My Product Owner told me that they were anticipating such an announcement from me soon enough, but were hoping to find some means to retain me in the organisation. However, since they knew Oxford was my dream school, they were delighted to know that I made it and were supportive of my decision. 

Regardless, putting in my first ever resignation at my first ever job felt like a bit of a heartbreak. I have enjoyed my time here and shared a brilliant comaraderie with my peers and management. And I’m glad I will be leaving not on the note that I was desperate for an escape route, but that I have an opportunity I cannot afford to miss.  

We discussed my career plans and post-MBA interests. We also explored the possibility of me coming back to the organisation after the course ends, constraints being that the role is in accordance with the skills that I pick up over the year and of course that my loan repayment is managed comfortably. Unfortunately, there is no HR policy at my organisation for sponsoring my MBA unless I did it from one of the affiliated colleges in India after spending more than 5 years here. Great to know still that I can always return, an option definitely worth giving a thought over. 

I serve notice period of two months, during which I will help transition all the work I was responsible for, document critical information so it doesn’t get lost with my exit, and also help find a suitable replacement. It’s a bittersweet feeling in the team, after having spent close to 4 years with them. If only I could be at Oxford and YET hold on to the products and releases I’ve worked on, that now seem to be like my babies, which I do not have the heart to abandon! 

But the heart’s got to do what it’s got to do! 


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