Acing the Argument Analysis

I have been approached a number of times recently with GMAT aspirants asking for the best strategy to score well in the AWA section. I admit I did not invest much time in this section during my GMAT preparation, which in itself was pretty hurried with. I would read few sample argument essays to get a gist of how the essays should be structured, but that was it. But towards the end of my preparation, it started to worry me that I had ignored the section completely. Was I getting too overconfident? I do not know. I wanted to focus on my weak areas more, but felt it was pertinent to read from the experience of previous test takers as to what a strong argument looks like. Research on net on sample AWA led me to this post on GMATClub. A test taker had shared his strategy a few years back, which has now been popularly known as ‘chineseburned method’, after this username! I found it extremely resourceful and practiced a couple of times during the week before the test. I would also get my write-up reviewed by my friends who had taken the GMAT earlier. Below is a brilliant infographic of the same, for easy reference. Take a print out and stick it on your desk for quick recap when you are taking a break from your prep!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the template / chineseburned, nor have been asked by anyone to endorse the same. I found it extremely helpful during my preparation and want to share with others.