100 days

That is exactly the number of days before the orientation for MBA class of 2016 begins at Oxford. Hell yeah! It’s all been happening so fast I’m sure these 100 days are also going to fly past in a jiffy. Before I know I’ll be walking through the gates of the hallowed institution with a dazed look and nervous footsteps, towards what shall be my abode for the next year and a brand for the rest of my life. Where I’ll step in with the fire to learn and from where I’ll walk out empowered to take on the bigger challenges. Sounds like kindergarten all over again, ain’t it?

Melodrama aside, my plan for the next 100 days is to practically do nothing, and yet, there’s quite a lot to do still. I’ve moved back to my hometown, all my 4 years of stuff from Bangalore packed in boxes and stashed aside. Soon after I arrived, we drove to Kashmir, to our ancestral place and farmhouse. In the coming weeks I’ll be going through the mails and newsletters from SBS and also get started on documents needed for visa application. In the meantime, I also need to submit Financial Declaration to the school, only after which will they send across the CAS. CAS is needed to apply for student visa, I shall be writing in detail about visa application soon.

Every single person I’ve interacted with lately has been telling me about how I’m never getting this free time ever again in life and how I should make the most of it – by basically relaxing. Speaking with current and former students I gather that there is not much to fret over the course work, which will be manageable in the campus and that I need not worry about that before the term begins. However the school has put up a list of recommended readings and a couple of mandatory pre-arrival formalities to be completed, which I shall need to go through. Top on the list is working on my CV and researching on what a good cover letter looks like. School’s career centre is also conducting a series of Webinars over the coming weeks to give an introduction into various career options and job application advice. I am looking forward to these sessions since currently I’m in a dilemma about my career progression ( I want to stay in the industry but that’s that ).

But more than everything else, I am looking forward to spending my time with family and catching up on novels and movies, after so long. I think this is going to be my longest time spent at home since 2007 when I moved to my undergrad hostel.

So here I am, sitting over this view from my patio, soaking in the lull before the storm!