Accommodation, Tickets: Check

My lovely brother booked the flight tickets for this jobless broke girl. God bless elder siblings!

I’ll be landing to Heathrow in early September with my parents and we shall spend a couple of weeks at my brother’s place, before I head off for Oxford on September 20th (Orientation starts on 21st). The entire family will be together after over a year and we are quite excited. If my brother’s work schedule permits him some days off, we will also make a short trip somewhere. Cannot wait!

Signed my accommodation contract and sent it across to the college accommodation today. Rewley Abbey Court, with a distance of just about 150-200 mts from Saïd, is going to be my abode for the next one year.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.25.28 pm

One upside of getting admitted early on in the admissions cycle is that you have ample options to choose from to secure college and accommodation. With GTC ( Green Templeton College ) being my first choice and a safe one for MBA students, there were enough on-site and off-campus accommodation options available. I wanted to stay as close to the school as possible, so that its easier to reach the school quickly in case I am running late. A long sleepy walk / ride to the school in sub zero temperatures during winters is the last thing I want to worry about. And the few extra minutes that I would save, I can always make use of them in grabbing some more soon-to-be-a-rare-luxury sleep. 😉

The downside being that this is off the college premises, again limiting interaction with non-MBA scholars. Also that I didn’t have option for an ensuite room in shared flats at RAC. Having lived in an undergraduate hostel with 20 girls in my corridor and only a handful of washrooms to share, I am prepared to live with anything!

I’ll be sharing a 2 BHK flat with a batchmate from India. We both are in touch over messages and she seems really nice. We both are excited and have been discussing on what all we will need to buy once we are there, mainly kitchen and utility items. The accommodation includes cooker and refrigerator, but would need to set up rest of the kitchen. The accommodation license has an elaborate instruction list on what is allowed and what is not in the flat. I will go through it in detail soon, specially for the electric and electronic items. Regardless, a couple of electric socket converters will be pertinent to carry.

For those interested, there is a video of the 2BHK RAC flat on YouTube by Nick Martin, the accommodation manager. This was immensely helpful for me before putting forth my application for accommodation with my preferred choice.

So with arrangements for accommodation and travel made, I need to get started on my Visa application asap!


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