Panic mode on

McCombs is due tomorrow and my manager still hasn’t filled in his recommendation. Worse still, he went off on a two-week vacation!! Argh.

Pestered him many times last week, he promised he’ll complete by Friday. He says the mail he received says he can fill in anytime in 60 days, however I am afraid the Ad-Com is going to push my application to the next rounds if it finds the recco missing.

I am flipping. Arrgh.



Working on McCombs essays this weekend. With the amount of work I have at office these days it is getting increasingly difficult to not push essays for the weekend. That unfortunately but invariably happens. So trying not to fret about it much. I am anyway known to be the most productive at the 11th hour, so be it.

Some people who submitted for Olin around the time I did have already started getting interview invites. Few received admits directly, without any interview/discussion. My app status shows ‘under review’, which is making me a bit antsy.

I feel less panicked about my essays this time as compared to Tepper. Probably because after first experience I feel more confident now. Except about my recommendation. My manager has still not submitted his recommendation and is going on a vacation on Monday. That means I will probably have to submit my application without a clue about what aspects would he touch upon in his assessment. Trying hard not to freak out.

Oh by the way. I cannot stress on this enough. Talking to current students / alumni really helps. My essay went for a major overhaul after speaking with one of my acquaintances at McCombs. Sweet of him to have taken time off first thing after getting done with his exams. I feel drawn towards this sense of bonhomie among McCombians. Hope I get to experience it too!

Happy Sunday. I am going to make sure I give my overworked brain a bit of break today.

You got mail!

I’m honestly more than surprised. Just two days into the submission and I hear from Tepper! “the admissions committee invites you to interview with a member of our admissions team.” Whoa! That indeed took me by surprise. Registered a slot for Oct 21st. One of my good friends got an invite too, so thankfully have someone to share the nervousness/excitement with.Have no idea what the interview is going to be about! Also want to get done with Mc Combs application before I start with the interview preparation full-on. I need to calm down.

Tepper application

Submitted application today. Just few hours before the deadline. Not completely happy with the way I rushed through things at the last moment, but satisfied with the way they shaped up.

My essays looked well written, however I am apprehensive about certain points that I touched, rather some that I should have. How in the world does one write all that they need to write in just 300 words??

Two takeaways-

>   Refine. Refine. Refine. Although they accept 2 page resume, I should have force fitted my stuff into 1 page. Their format specifications made it difficult and I got egoistical about taking certain points out.nevertheless, for a 3 year work-experience, SHOULD NOT cross 1 page.

> Need to learn the art of wordplay. Yes.


First application. Hit the submit button just 2 hours before the deadline.

Straight forward, no-frills, no-strings-attached application. A 500-1000 word essay and academic detail, no recommendations no application fees.

Since this was the first essay that I sat down to write, and probably the longest one at that too, the exercise was quite exhausting to say the least. There was a lot of talk about, and a lot more to weed out. Gave my brain some good warm-up.

I did a pretty decent job with the resume too, submitted a one-pager. Though my resume looks quite different today after many revisions, I am satisfied with the activities that I mentioned in the one I submitted.

Or maybe NOT.

Only after submitting did I realize that I got the year wrong on one of my college club details.

Worked in a college club in the year 2014. Seriously?


Not so first post

Have been toying around the idea of blogging my journey for over many months, now. As you will find out in the coming posts, I am the mother of procrastination. But the urge got the better of me and here I am starting this blog on Oct 6th, to document my journey through the whole ‘MBA process’ as I call it.

My background – 25 year old Indian female IT applicant, GMAT score 720 ( V38, Q50, IR 6.0 AWA 6.0 ). 3.5 years of experience as a techno-functional consultant in a German based market leader in ERP products. Keen on pursuing career in Product Management / Consulting world post my MBA.

As and when I get time off the tight deadlines I am struggling with, I will add posts about my GMAT preparation and other stuff. Will schedule them appropriately on the timeline.

Motivation for this blog? One, I want to vent out somewhere and can’t go on bothering my friends who are not even remotely into MBA talks. Also, and more importantly, I hope reading through my experiences would help someone who aspires to tread this path.

Will make my best effort to keep this updated regularly. Bear with me, because, applications (and procrastination, remember?).